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  • Thank you!
    This holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a loyal patient of our office. We love serving each and every one of you.  I also Read more
  • Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays! Get out of the cold and warm up at Urban to view our special winter frame releases and take advantage of our BOGO 1/2 off promotion.All of our Read more
  • We are grateful for...
    We are grateful for...Good friends, family, a warm home and customers like you who help our business grow every day.We hope this season finds you happy and healthy! WE WILL BE Read more
  • The Story on Watery Eyes
     It’s safe to say tears play an important role in keeping us healthy. Tears keep the surface of our eyeballs clean and moist, and help protect our eyes from damage. Read more
  • Beggar's Night & Halloween
    Wishing everyone a safe, fun, and warm (as possible) Halloween! Read more
  • Halloween Contacts Are Fun, But Make Sure To Keep Your Eyes Safe!
    Read more
  • October is Eye Injury Prevention Month
    Some interesting facts: > 1 million people per year are affected by an eye injury 90% of these injuries could have been prevented had the individuals been wearing protective eye wear 44.7% of eye injuries are Read more
  • Work-Related Eye Trauma: Know Your Risks
    You may know that there are many things that can hurt your vision—smoking, poor nutrition, computer eye strain…but did you know that your day job could create an even bigger Read more
  • New Virtual Tour!
    Check out the new Virtual Tour of our office by clicking this link or by clicking on "About Us", "Virtual Office Tour" on our website! Read more
  • Not All Sunglasses Are The Same
    Who doesn’t love the outdoors on a gorgeous sun-filled day? If you spend a great deal of time outside, you’re likely at a higher risk for eye damage caused by Read more
  • What is Color Blindness?
    Color blindness is more common and less serious than you may think. Being completely color blind is very rare; it’s more likely that if someone is color blind they have Read more
  • Vision can impact learning and performance, grades, self-esteem, & more
    With the school year right around the corner, your kids will have classes, projects, and homework to complete every day. You’ve done a great job preparing them with everything they Read more
  • How You Can Beat Screen Fatigue
    When was the last time you looked at a device screen? Chances are you’re doing it right now. In today’s world, people spend hours in front of their computers and Read more
  • Win 2 Tickets to the #IowaStateFair
    Butter cow, corn dogs and cheese curds, biggest bull, eggs on a stick, horse shows, concerts... Don't forget to comment on the original Facebook giveaway post here: http://bit.ly/2OwZsUN for an entry Read more
  • Want to cut that night-time sugar craving?
    Turn off your devices. A new study demonstrates that just one hour of exposure to blue light at night -- the kind of light produced by the screens of our many Read more
  • Back to School!
    It seems as though summer just began and already it’s nearly time to get ready to go back to school.  Have you scheduled your child’s annual eye exam yet? If not, Read more