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Eyewear Styling Tips and Tricks

DO YOU FIND SHOPPING FOR EYEWEAR EXHAUSTING?  View our tips below or stop in for a VIP tour of our selection and get fitted by the pros!

We know that picking out new glasses is daunting. But it doesn't have to be. We'll give you the tools to help make it easier for you and show you what to look for to find that perfectly fitting frame, flattering shape and unique style you never would have thought you needed.

We love it when we are helping a patient browse glasses and hand them one to try. Sometimes, they look hesitant to put it on. But once they do, they become astonished, "I never would have picked this up myself." It is an amazing feeling when this happens! We are happy to help, so stop in any time to view our diverse selection.

Eyewear Styling Tips and Tricks

Shapes: Typically, opposites attract. If your face is more angular, grab a frame that is a little more round or curvy to soften the shape. If you have a round or oval face, try on something with a little edge or sharper corners to give your face more dimension. This will help balance the look and prevent the frame from washing you out. A cat-eye, or frame with a little lift is a great fit for multiple shapes!

Colors: If your skin has more red/blush tones, try something with cool hues to even out complexion and compliment your natural color. Black is a classy shade that can be trendy, neutral or bold! Our frames come in several different colors for each style, so you'll always have options!

Brows: We generally think it is more flattering when the top of a frame doesn't follow your natural brow line. The contrast is very subtle, but it allows for a more sophisticated look. It is also best to have the frame sit right below your eyebrows, so you can't see the brows within the lenses.

Size: Your eyes should be in the center of the lens horizontally as much as possible. This will utilize your prescription in your glasses so everywhere you look has clear vision. It also looks a little silly when there are inches of free space to the side of your eyeballs 0032353001579713611.jpg

Fit: The depth of the lens should rest comfortably on your face. Some larger styles may rest on your cheeks, especially if you smile! This is fine so long as you are comfortable with that. The temples - the sides - of the frames should wrap around your ears to hold in place, and follow the natural curve of your skull; most of the time this can be adjusted, it is ideal to have enough length behind the ear to manipulate the piece in place. Frames with nose pads can be moved up or down, in and out, to make them sit where they need to. Plastic frames need to fit perfectly on the nose without any gaps or tilts otherwise they will be uncomfortable over time and slide down!

Prescription: It may not seem like it, but finding the best fitting frame is going to be vital for your vision. There is a science behind your lenses! If you choose a well fitting frame, you and your eyes are going to reap all of the benefits.


We are always happy to help find you the best pair of glasses to make you comfortable and exceed your expectations!

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